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The Foodie Diet

For real people who like to eat real food

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This is a community for sharing recipes and ideas about healthy eating. While following a restricted-calorie diet, I wanted to create an archive of some of my own recipes with the calories already calculated, so I wouldn't have to do that over every single time I made the recipe, or keep a million scraps of paper or a messy and confusing notebook in a drawer.

You can post recipes, review packaged/processed/restaurant foods of interest, share dieting strategies that have worked for you, or make discussion-related posts related to diet, health, nutrition, and those sorts of topics. If you try one of the recipes posted in the community, please post feedback in the comments! Many of them are my own experimental recipes, and I like to hear what people think of them, or if they come up with variations.

You don't have to post calorie information for every food you post about, but it would be cool if you did.

No artificial sweeteners, please; stick to real food.

I personally am counting calories, but not to the point of starvation. No pro-ana stuff, no diet pills, etc. in this conmmunity, please. This is a place to share ideas about real food for people who love food and want to maintain healthy eating habits on a long-term basis. Membership is open and all members can post. You are welcome to join and start posting anytime.

Use of tags is encouraged, for example "main dish", "dessert", "pasta", "beans", "squash", "chicken", "vegetarian", "vegan"... This will make the archives more useful to all of us in the future. You can look for recipes by tag here.

Here are some websites that I or other members of this community have found helpful.

Nutrition Data and Calorie Counter - full analysis of nutritional information similar to the label you would see on packaged food, plus additional nutritional profiling

The Daily Plate - calorie tracking site with some restaurant food listings and links to recipes for certain items. Still in beta - food database is growing.

SparkPeople - free total diet and fitness planning site

my-calorie-counter - online diet/exercise journal similar to the above two sites

Calorie King - another health/calorie counting site. Creators of a very good pocket-or purse-sized calorie counting book, which is the one I use.

Health Crazed - nutritional and health info; alphabetical calorie listing of many foods

USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory

Hungry-Girl - very heavy on promotion of processed foods, but may amuse you

Google Calculator - handy when I'm converting recipes from metric or can't remember how many tablespoons are in a cup

Vegan Lunchbox - tons of ideas for healthy and portable lunches in the archives

MapMyRun.com - when you're training for that 5K or just want to make sure you get in a two-mile walk today